Архив за Сентябрь 2016

Торжественное открытие художественной галереи «У Серафима» в Ельце

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Событийный фестиваль «Антоновские яблоки — 2016» (фото)

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Учащиеся Воскресной школы в гостях у «Силы Ермака»

Уже полюбившийся ельчанам тир «Сила Ермака» в Городском парке поздравил учащихся Воскресной школы при храме Спаса Нерукотворного с началом нового учебного года.

Для ребят из патриотического клуба, открывшегося при школе, Елена и Роман Ермаковы провели бесплатный мастер-класс по стрельбе из винтовки, ознакомив и с теорией. Дети узнали, как устроено оружие, какие правила безопасности нужно соблюдать начинающему стрелку, сделали каждый по нескольку выстрелов. Не только юные защитники Родины, но и девочки увлеклись мероприятием, всем было интересно в гостях у «Ермака».

Портал ЭкоЕлец от имени родителей учащихся Воскресной школы благодарит Елену и Романа за такой подарок для наших детей и надеется на дальнейшее сотрудничество!





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Ten Basic Characterization between a High-quality Virtual Data Upbuilding

Virtual repositories are becoming more and more popular in the business realm all over the Earth. Lawyers, investment bankers and top managers of enterprises need the functional and protected environment to keep their documents and to finish plenty of deals. Therefore, currently, data room providers provide the businessmen with extremely useful software as good VDRs can fulfill the expectations of the most demanding and strict deal-makers. In general, VDRs have to bring the ease to complex processes ran by firms, organizations, etc. It is needful to get good virtual-data-room.org to make business with in a very narrow time frame. There are numerous pluses VDR users can experience during the work inside a VDR:

Data security

A virtual repository must guarantee protection to confidential and valuable corporate data. All the documents are watermarked, encrypted and remain non-readable for unauthorized individuals. The room visitor verification consists of two stages to reduce the threat of, for instance, browsing from stolen mobile phones. Hence, the documents are protected from internal misuses and external intrusions. Also, regular backups protect documents from loss in a case of breakdowns.

Time savings

A virtual data room can host plenty of VDR visitors at one moment: such a trait provides employees with an opportunity to explore the information simultaneously. In addition, sophisticated features of the virtual data room (search, upload, integration with certain software) allow to save a considerable amount of time when it comes to execution of the simple and routine tasks.

Saving your resources

An opening of a VDR costs less than a setup of a physical data room: it is not required to rent a space and make hard copies of documents. Moreover, less safeguards are needed to guarantee protection of the virtual data room.

Comfort of exploitation

Simple interface is a feature that makes exploitation of a VDR rapid and effortless. In a case no particular coaching is to be performed users have an opportunity to navigate the platform easily and focus their attention on their duties, not on the technical traits immanent to the virtual data room.

Convenient data system

A virtual data room administrator is the one to think of the most convenient way of data systematization: all the digital copies of the files are expected to be categorized. Avant-garde search functions such as full-text search and filtering capabilities ensures that the file system will be easier to exploit. Moreover, VDR users can have a possibility to place links from a particular document to the other one and to distinguish selected files.

Full access control

A virtual data room allows its administrators to define what kind of VDR visitors is allowed to see what information and how long for. That is why, there are numerous levels of information accessibility and boundaries can be imposed on the chosen VDR users, groups, documents, folders, etc.

Simplicity of cooperation

Hence it is possible to open a virtual data room for all the users who possess a login and a password, it is less problematic to get in touch with the business partners. It is not required to meet face-to-face considering all the documents can be exchanged and discussed within a repository.


Audit reports that occur regularly allow the room owners to track the activity of all the users inside a virtual data room. Hence all the actions that were performed in the virtual data room was memorized and in a case of misunderstandings, unauthorized data sharing or other problems the audit report may be used as evidence.

Legal compliance

Virtual room vendors are being in charge of making all the documents uploaded in the data room abide by the legal requirements and rules. For this reason, the virtual room owner does not need to worry about the acceptable data formats and certain legal problems.

Immediate support

A well-trained support team and a project manager are supposed to assist visitors who work inside a room within seconds. Such attitude helps to eliminate unexpected problems and to avert a possible crisis. The pluses listed above allow you to realize how a decent virtual data room might facilitate your business and support you in a course of multiple negotiations. Along with these benefits, different virtual rooms will provide you with advanced and unique tools. But you need to be certain about your requirements and to pay attention the room which does not want to deluge you with weird abbreviations and impress you with the options which you cannot exploit. Therefore, be meticulous and choose the VDR that fulfills your requirements.

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Видео: бражник на флоксах

Автор ролика — Котова Виктория (г. Сыктывкар, Республика Коми)

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